About me

I'm Marcos, a DevOps/SRE Engineer who works with some of the latest technologies within a Scrum/SAFe team.

Full up-to-date English Curriculum: (BEING UPDATED)

As a DevOps

The most important task is to spread the automation!, I really think automatic deployment is mandatory for all IT companies nowadays, and the teams doesn't know about this should be conducted and guided into this philosophy. This implies work with them designing the best approach to make automated tests and deployments of its tools, and provide them already working solutions developed by DevOps in order to simplify their work life and save costs to the company.

I work with configuration managers like Puppet, Chef and Ansilbe for handling multiple environment deployments with many different configurations between them.

Kubernetes Is the deployment technology which most helps in saving costs and time these days, so I manage various private, hybrid and cloud clusters to offer them centralized as self-service solution for my colleagues. In one of the companies I worked for, Windows environments leads the development hosts, so I also offered a Docker Swarm clusters for Windows testing environments.

I also maintain Git solutions completely integrated with our Kubernetes and Docker Swarm clusters for making possible a real CI/CD solution.

As a QA Automation

I plan, develop and maintain automated tests including integration, performance & E2E. I use a plethora of automation technologies, but the most are ralated with web services, so selenium, protractor, jest and jasmine are the test frameworks I most worked with.

Also, helping another company teams is a crucial task of my team. I developed some internal tools for make our colleagues life easier. Each project has its own requirements, so the languages & frameworks used are also very different JavaEE, Spring, Python, nodeJS... Some programs/scripts handles DB connections, other exposes RESTful APIs, takes care of event-driven messages...

All the developments are integrated in CI/CD pipelines.


Computer Science Degree @ Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain 2014-2018, graduated with honors thanks to my last degree project: Despliegue Elástico de tests de Rendimiento (Performane tests elastic deployment) READ IT HERE (Spanish)

Work Experience

DevOps Engineer @ Allot, Madrid February 2021 - nowadays
DevOps @ Meta4 Spain, Madrid June 2018 - February 2021
QA Automation Engineer @ Meta4 Spain, Madrid Dec 2016 - nowadays

OpenSource Software Contributions Boostnote, Apache CouchDB, goveralls...


  • Control Version System like Git, Mercurial and Subversion
    • Experience administering GitLab on-premise instances
  • SOAP/RESTful API's
  • Distributed systems: Docker, Kubernetes, LXC/D and microservices
  • Cloud Services: AWS, GCP & IBM
  • Automated Tests Frameworks with BDD & TDD principles
    • Cucumber
    • Gebish
    • Protractor
    • Jasmine
    • Jest
  • UNIX and Virtualized Systems administration: OpenVZ, XEN, VMWare
    • Debian
    • RHEL 7
  • High Performance Computation Golang, Erlang
  • Agile & Clean Code Principles as religion
  • SQL DBs
    • MS SQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • mySQL
    • cockroachDB
    • mongoDB
    • couchDB
  • Monitoring & alerting
    • SNMP
    • PandoraFMS
    • ElasticSearch
    • Grafana
    • Prometheus
    • syslog
  • Frontend web developing: Angular HTML5 CSS Ionic jQuery & React
  • CMS management
    • Wordpress
    • Ghost
    • Joomla